Saturday, 1 May 2010

Welcome to Chocolate Bean!

Hi, I'm Gill! For a long time I've been stuck with the nickname "Gillybean" or "Beanie", which fits because I'm really very fond indeed of anything made with beans. Cocoa beans, I mean. In order to justify my expenditure on all things chocolate, I thought I'd share some of my adventures with the internet in the form of this blog - Chocolate Bean!

As well as reviewing chocolate itself, I hope this will expand into discussions of chocolate shops, chocolatiers, cafes and anything else that might interest those passionate about the subject. In part, I'm guessing this will turn into an indulgence for those who want to read about and vicariously savour various chocolates, hopefully inspiring someone to go out and seek their own adventures in cocoa.

So, without further ado...on with the reviews!


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